“Duster Coat” Trend?!


Hi guys!

Today I’m being kind of a hypocrite since in my last post (which was yesterday) I said my next post would be on Saturday, and there’s still one going up then but I just felt like doing a trend post for y’all today. Today it’s on the duster coat trend which is really popular this Autumn/Fall or even Winter time for you guys in the Northern Hemisphere, here in Australia we have just transitioned to Spring although the weather outside at the moment makes it feel like Autumn! I feel as if the coats give off a semi-formal vibe and is perfect for days you want to look a little casual-dressy. They are perfect for dressing up an outfit and will definitely keep you warm during those cold days. What are your thoughts on this trend? Pictures below!

j1106180_emily_19.09.14_sp_1852_a_4 j2103657_lucie-12.09.14-mc146585_a_5 image1xxl azz21534_black_default_xl azz20142_silver_xl azz19622_cream_xl 56666

Would you sport this look? I think the duster coats look super nice with a simple top and some jeans, it gives off a classy, elegant vibe. It would be perfect for a day out shopping or even suitable for night time events such as a nice dinner with friends or loved ones. Which style is your favourite? Mine would have to be the fifth one down (excluding the featured image) with they grey scheme, I am just obsessed with grey clothes – it’s my favourite colour to wear by far. Leave a comment/vote below telling me your favourite and whether you’d sport this look. I hope you guys are doing well!

Amy x

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    1. HAHAHAHA, awww man that’s so cute! I just imagined you walking with an oversized coat basically cleaning the floor as you go LOL (don’t even ask…). I’m literally a giant compared to you, I just used the online measurement converter and I’m 5’5 haha WOW or 171cm… -_- xx

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  1. I love the second, plain black one! I live in a tropical country but I might just ask my mother who’s a seamstress to sew this for me with a cooler material… too pretty!

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