Perfecting the ‘Selfie’ In the Insta Age

BT_perfect-selfie-large.jpgIn a world where we capture every aspect of our daily lives with camera phones, each one of us feels the pressure to be photo ready at any time. Sure, those pictures are only going on your friend’s Instagram, but people are still going to see them. You don’t want your undone face and greasy hair splattered all over the internet. But, it’s somewhat of a faux pas to refuse a snap these days. If you never appear in pictures, you may just disappear!



Hi guys,

I thought I’d make a quick post letting you all know I’ve decided to create an instagram account separate from my personal one, just for my blog! So if you’d like to give it a follow (would be greatly appreciated) it’s @vogueinfatuation / – leave your user down below and I’ll definitely follow back! I’m super excited to interact with you guys on there and post more beauty and fashion related things. If you’re interested in my personal life you can follow me at @aoxh and I also follow back there!

Thanks guys :* , hope you all are having a great day/night! ❤

Amy x

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