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Review: Pure Papaya (Paw Paw) Ointment

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Hi guys!

Today I’ve got a review for y’all on the Pure Papaya (Paw Paw) Ointment. It’s a multi-use product which is pretty cool, you can use it as: lip balm to soothe cracked/irritated lips, for after tattoo care and to promote skin elasticity. I use it as a lip balm to soothe and moisturise my lips. Keep on reading to see what I like about it.


Review: Maybelline Baby Lips SPF 20 – Mango Pie

Hello everyone!

I have got another review for y’all today and this time it’s on the Maybelline Baby Lips. So many people have raved aout this product so I finally got around to trying them out, however I was disappointed by it & I normally love all of Maybelline’s products. I bought the flavour ‘Mango Pie’.


The Baby Lips states: In just one application, Baby Lips instantly moisturises for 8 hours. Lips are relieved from dryness, comfortable and smooth: they have never felt better!


Review: Nivea Lip Butter

Hi guys!

So today I’ve got another review for you all, this time it’s on the Nivea Lip Butter. I know the struggles of finding a perfect lip balm/moisturiser as I have really dry and sensitive lips which is super annoying. I can’t use cheap brands/poor quality products otherwise my lips explode and it’s not a pretty sight. These are around $6 I believe but I found them for $2 at KMART, however I don’t think it’s a permanent product there and they only had these two ‘flavours’ – I got one in caramel cream and another two in raspberry rose.

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Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream and Raspberry Rose.

The Nivea Caramel Lip Butter states: Pamper your lips and indulge your senses with NIVEA Caramel Cream Lip Butter. Indulge in the delicious caramel cream aroma as the rich buttery formula melts on your lips. Enriched with Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Hydra IQ, NIVEA Caramel Cream Lip Butter provides intense long-lasting moisturisation to keep your lips soft and silky smooth.

The Nivea Raspberry Rose Lip Butter states: The moisturizing formula of NIVEA Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter with Hydra IQ contains Shea Butter and Almond Oil and provides intense moisture and long-lasting care. The indulging formula creates sensationally soft lips.

Price: $5.70


This lip butter is extremely moisturising unlike the Baby Lips by Maybelline and lasts forever on your lips. They are scented accordingly and smell heavenly – my favourite out of the two I have tried is caramel cream – it actually smells like caramel butter. The raspberry rose one smells like red skins – if you’ve smelt it I’m sure you agree. It doesn’t make my lips flare up at all, which is a definite pro and a must for my sensitive lips. It feels comfortable and makes your lips super smooth while it’s on and afterwards.

  • Cheap
  • Moisturising
  • Smells wonderful
  • Suitable for sensitive lips


The biggest con for me is the PACKAGING (although it is aesthetic). This is probably the most impracticable packaging ever, you have to remove the lid (it’s like a little jar) to use it. Then you either dip your finger in, which is extremely unhygienic (so I avoid this) or either rub it onto your lips straight from the package… (which is what I do). Another con is the raspberry rose flavour leaves a white residue after you’ve applied it if you haven’t rubbed it in well enough making it look really weird, the caramel corn leaves a very small white residue if not rubbed in properly. This is extremely annoying as you need to check in your phone or mirror if all the product has been absorbed/rubbed in correctly. I’m not sure about the other two flavours available in this range, but the raspberry rose one is terrible when it comes to this.

  • Packaging
  • Leaves a white residue if not rubbed in well (mainly raspberry rose)


Yes, I would definitely recommend this lip butter if you’re looking for a cheap, drugstore lip butter which is moisturising and lasts forever (product wise). I would say it’s suitable for sensitive lips as well (such as mine) so give it a go if you have sensitive lips. This product is much more moisturising than the Baby Lips which seem to disappear after a few minutes!

Rate: 4/5

Hope you guys enjoyed my review on the Nivea Lip Butters and leave your thoughts about them down below & your favourite flavour if you’ve tried them.

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