Tidying Up Your Exterior After The Changing Seasons

The change of the seasons is always the best time to take a closer look at your house and to think about what you need to do to make sure that it stays in good condition. Whether you’re coming out of the bad weather that follows winter or you’re getting ready for the wet and windy fall, here are a few ways you can maintain the exterior of your home.

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Inspect any wooden furniture and fixtures

There is no part of the exterior that’s more susceptible to damage as a result of weather than those that are made of wood. Whether it’s wood furniture that you haven’t been able to move indoors, your decking, or even parts of the windows and doors, you should check them to see if they are effectively keeping water from seeping into the grain. Water damage may see you having to replace some of it. Consider resealing any wood furniture as shown at Mitre 10 to make sure that it stays in good condition for next year.

Check out the roof

The rain and wind can both give your roof a battering, from damaging the tiles to wearing away at them through the long process of erosion. It’s important to organise a roof inspection to make sure there is no clear and visible damage to your roof. Even minor openings in your roof can lead to leaks that can infiltrate through the attic and start spreading through the home for above. Whether you simply need a new tile or two, or you need a whole roof replacement, it’s not something you can allow to linger for too long.

Get into them gutters

While your head is up there, get it into the gutter, as well. Gutters can be particularly susceptible to a build-up of dirt and organic debris after winter, when the wind can kick all kinds of matter up into it. This matter builds up until it becomes a blockage and, when it does, the water can’t go down the downspout. Usually, it instead finds a weakness to start seeping through the wall, leading to leaks, and teams like Gutter Boy Cleaning can help you prevent that. Clean out your gutter at least once a year to take care of this threat.

Use some power

If you have any slick surfaces outside, such as paving stones, tiles, or even concrete, then this can begin to build up with dirt and green matter from nearby plants. Not only can this make it look dirty, but it can also cause a slipping hazard. To that end, you should consider hiring a power washer to give those surfaces a once over. It can be helpful in dealing with any moss that has been growing over those surfaces, too.

Fail to give your home the care that it needs and you will eventually start to pay for it in the form of draughts, leaks, and other lingering problems that can greatly affect your quality of life. Follow the tips above to prevent that from happening.

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