6 Tips to Make Your Decor More Grown-Up

Pexels – CCO Licence

If your home decor choices are still somewhat inspired by your student digs days or have not quite evolved since you were younger and broker, for whatever reason, you might be thinking about what you can do to make it seme more grown-up and reflect more of who you are as a person right now.

1. Buy matching towels

Nothing says grown-up space more than matching towels, and it doesn’t have to stop at towels either, matching crockery, cutlery, cushions, etc., will all help to make your home feel less hotch-potch and more lovingly curated which will really help the space to feel more grown-up.

2. Frame things

If you have posters or prints or whatever on the wall, you don’t need to take them down to be more grown-up simply put them in a nice frame and they become an art pice and a talking point rather than a poster of your favourite teenage film or whatever it may be.

3. Choose one fun piece for each room

If you’re looking to make your home more sophisticated, you don’t need to get rid of everything that may be kitsch or cute or otherwise fun. What you should do is curate your mess conventional stuff so that you only keep those pieces you love the most, and try to stick to one or two in each room. So, if you love Little Pineapple neon signs lucky Chinese cats or whatever you can have them, they should not be too dominant. Anyway, having just one fun decor element in each room will make it stand out more!

4. Maintain a theme

Although you do not have to paint and decorate every room exactly the same way, your home will definitely look a lot more polished and put together if you choose a theme and carry it through the rooms. For example, you should choose grey as your theme, but you could choose slightly different shades of grey for individual rooms and switch up the accessories so that you have pink cushions in one room and teal in another. The overarching grey theme will pull it all together while the little differences will make it more interesting.

5. Make sure you have a headboard

If every bed in your room does not have a headboard, change that now. It may seem like a little thing, but having a headboard at the head of each bed makes it look less sparse and spartan; less university accommodation if you like, and more sumptuous and sophisticated, and it need not cost you much money to do.

6. Buy art 

Buying a proper piece of art thast was created by an artist is a great way to make oyur home seem more grown-up, ans it does not have to be expensive. Lots of local artists produce beautiful work as affordable prices, so find one and hang a piece with pride.

Making your home more grown-up does not mean sacrificing your own style or removing all of the fun, as you can see, but it does mean making a few more sophisticated choices that will be able to grow and change as you and your tastes grow and change too.

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