The Best Ways to Extend Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Modern living means staying in a house for more extended periods, making it necessary for us to extend our homes. Extending your home is not difficult, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind before doing so. Some of these space solutions do not require planning permission, messy construction, or months of waiting for a project to be completed.

Look at a garden studio.

Garden studios are becoming more popular as more people work from home. As fewer properties offer studies or office rooms due to the increased demand for bedroom space in modern homes, garden studios are becoming more popular. They not only provide a completely different, quiet, and private location for you to work in, away from the noise and turmoil of the home, but they also expand your living space. 

When acquiring a garden studio, do your research because many companies now offer a ‘quick-fix’ option. However, if you intend to use this studio as a home office, you must consider the necessity for power to be provided in the room and for it to be installed safely.

Install a conservatory

Conservatories have long been a popular choice among families, and for a good reason. A conservatory will offer extra space to your home, but in a far more intriguing and functional way than an extension. With masses of glass, these rooms provide versatility throughout the seasons, flooding themselves with natural light all year round, combining the benefits of your garden space with the comfort of your house. Adding a conservatory to your home is a proven way to increase its value, and it is frequently on the wish lists of potential buyers. They look beautiful, and they give a potential buyer the option of reinventing the room’s functions. 

You need to check with your local area regulations to make sure there are no planning permissions you need to adhere to and check whether the space needs underpinning before you start any significant works.

Repurpose spaces

There are many ways to modify a room without tearing down walls or doing any construction work at all, from changing one room into two to establishing a multi-level dwelling. With some imaginative ‘zone’ building employing storage or barriers to create boundaries, multifunctional spaces can be constructed. Wooden screens or contemporary metal designs, for example, not only provide character to a room, but they also operate as dividers, dividing an open-plan living area into a clearly defined sitting room and dining room, or dividing a huge bedroom into a sleeping area and a dressing area. A huge shelving unit may achieve the same effect, creating a clear division while also providing a fashionable and functional storage solution for each side of the divide.

If you want to create separation without losing light and space, glass doors are a perfect option. They help create natural partitions between regions of the house without closing them off from the rest of the house. 

Bunk beds provide additional levels within a room for children’s bedrooms. Many now include storage or an area for a desk for drawing and playing, giving the room a new, more engaging dimension.

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