How to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

The air we breathe in every day can have a more significant impact on our health than you may think, which is why should all be making an effort to improve the quality of the air in our homes – the place where we spent the most time – at least. 

Okay, but how exactly do you improve your home’s air quality levels? Here are a few things that will certainly help:

Buy more plants

Not only do plants look amazing in the home, but many of them are also able to purify the air we breathe in, which means having a few succulent or your favourite pot plant in each room will go a long way to improving the situation and helping you breather easy day and night.

Invest in an air purifier

As the name would suggest, an air purifier is an excellent way of improving your home’s air quality. When it is turned on it will filter small particles that could cause harm, so not only is your air healthier, but it will also smell far more pleasant too.

Open the windows

If you want to go old school, and providing you don’t live near a source of exterior pollution, opening your windows every day for an hour or two is a great tip that that will allow stale, polluted air to be released from your home and fresh air to get in. This is another trick that will improve your air quality and leave you with a better smelling home.

Use organic cleaning products

Organic house cleaning products do not contain all the chemical nasties that you will find in many of the big brand cleaning products. Those chemicals will undoubtedly find their way into the air you breathe and they caen irritate your lungs, especially if you have a condition like asthma, Using gentler, natural and organic cleaning products will make the world of difference.

Turn the extractor fan on

Whenever you’re cooking, turn the extractor fan on and it will pull away smoke and odours for a far more pleasant cleaning experience. Yes, they can be noisy and annoying, but they will help you to breathe easier in your own home, so they are definitely worth using.

Vacuum regularly

Dust, dirt and pollen can all collect in your home’s soft furnishings and carpets, where you will continuously breathe them in and out, and where they will cause unpleasant odours to form. The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that you vacuum your home at least once a day. The more your home is vacuumed, the less the debris can pile up and cause a problem for you and anyone else who is breathing them in.

It may not be possible to have a 1000 percent perfect air quality in your home, but you can get pretty close if you stay on top of the problem and incorporate some of the ideas above into your daily lie and cleaning regime. After just a week or so of making an effort to purify your home’s air, you will definitely start to breathe a little easier.

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