The Best Ways to Completely De-stress Your Body

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This time of year may be filled with joy, love and festivity but it’s also one of the most stressful times for many people. Whether it’s because you’re responsible for buying all the Christmas gifts, your workplace is never busier, or you’re forced to spend time with family that set you on edge, most people find they need to de-stress at some point. Here are some great tips!

Answer to No-one

There should be at least one day during the festive season that you get completely to yourself. No running around after the kids, no household chores, no worrying about what family will think. One of the best ways to unwind and relax is to stop pleasing everyone else, just for one day. Whether you stay in your PJs and turn off your phone while watching your favourite movies, or head out to grab yourself some Boxing Day sales treats, one day should be entirely yours.

Head to a Spa

If you need a little help relaxing, there’s no better feeling than slipping into your bikini and lounging by a pool with a drink in your hand. The good news is, you don’t have to get on a plane to do it. Why not head to a spa for the day and treat yourself to a massage, manicure or pedicure (or all three)? You’ll usually get to wrap yourself in a big fluffy gown and walk around in warm, soft slippers as you make the most of the facilities.

Indian Head Massage

If you’re someone who has a lot to do around this time of year, you may be finding it difficult to sleep. When your to-do list is never ending, your brain is likely to be over active at night and you may even find that you forget things during the day. An Indian Head Massage is the perfect way to relax your throbbing head. It not only helps to promote good rest but it also relaxes the brain muscles, untensing your body at the same time. You’ll probably find your tasks a lot easier to handle afterwards.

Make Time for Your Partner

Your partner may be the only person who knows you well enough to know what you need when you’re feeling stressed. It may be a good laugh, a large glass of wine or a tight hug. Studies have shown that spending quality time with your partner, including making time for sex, is one of the best ways to de-stress, no matter what the cause of the stress.

Read a Book

Even if you’re not particularly fond of reading, a good fiction novel is a fantastic way to relax your brain. It’s a great form of escapism. So, when you’re dealing with something particularly stressful, entering into a fictional world can give your brain a break from the daily grind, relaxing your body in turn. It’s why reading, instead of watching TV, is so highly recommended when it comes to a good night’s sleep.


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