Review: Sassou Gold Eye Shiteru & Gold Cleansing Bar

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a quick review on Sassou’s Gold Eye Shiteru & Gold Cleansing Bar.

Sassou is a luxury Japanese skincare brand based in Australia. Here’s more about their story:

SASSOU means ‘free & breezy from heaviness’ (サッソウ), in Japanese, which has been the spirit and motto behind the formulation of our products. Therefore, each of our products have been developed to ensure that it offers you a light and relaxed feel after every use, whilst providing you with noticeable skin benefits.

With over 50-years of experience in formulating effective skincare products that contain beneficial ingredients, such as natural plant extracts and premium gold leaves, SASSOU was born with the commitment to bringing you the very best in traditional Japanese skincare philosophy into each of our products.

SASSOU launched in Hong Kong in 2008, and now has a loyal following of Hong Kong customers, socialites and celebrities alike.

Gold Eye Shiteru

I am loooving the @sassouau goldwaver eye shiteru! It’s like an eye cream/gel for your eyes infused with gold flakes. I have been using this eye cream everyday for about 3 weeks now and I can really see the wonders it’s doing for my under eyes. They look much more plump and not as dark. I really enjoy the consistency of the product on my under eyes as well, it’s quite cooling and hydrating. If you’re after a luxurious eye cream I would definitely recommend giving this one a go! 💫

A bit more info on the product:

Brightens and Contour Eye Area

Hydrate and contour eye area, reducing fine lines and dark circles.

Gold :Detox, Whitening, Helps increase collagen production

Soluble Collagen :Water retention, Reducing wrinkle around eyes

Glycosyl Trehalose: Moisturizer

*Suitable for all skin types

Gold Cleansing Bar

The @sassouau gold cleansing bar is quite lovely as well! Also infused with gold flakes, it leaves my face feeling nice and clean but not dried out after cleansing (a key thing I look for in cleansers!) 💫

Lather Up For Facial Purity

SASSOU’s no.1 best-selling cleansing bar effectively penetrates the pores and pulls out skin-blocking impurities with its fine and delicate lather, thereby pampering you with an extraordinary facial cleansing experience.

Gold:Detox, Whitening, Helps increase collagen production

Arnica Montana Flower Extract:reduce inflammation, Acne and Skin Disorders, Anti-oxidant

Lamium Album Flower Extract:Skin soothing

Honey:Repair skin damage, skin rejuvenate , hydrating

* Suitable for all skin types

Sassou is definitely a bit more on the pricey side but if you’re willing to splurge and try out a luxurious Japanese skincare brand, I’d definitely recommend giving Sassou a go (especially their eye shiteru – it’s amazing!).

Amy x

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