Spring Sunglasses Trends

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It seems that these days, the theme is go big or go home. There are all kinds of shapes, but the overwhelming majority of popular sunglasses today are large and perfect for shielding your eyes from the hot summer sun.

Here’s a look at the trendiest 2018 sunglasses trends to kick off your spring and summer in style.


The cat-eye frame has been around for decades. It’s gorgeous on almost everyone because it elongates the face and has an element of both sophistication and sass. The oversized component on a cat-eye frame has a retro flair that is fantastically lovely.

Whether you choose rounded edges, sharp edges, rectangular shapes, or opt for something even more extreme, your cat-eye frames will look stunning and make quite a splash at the pool.


Another wildly popular sunglasses trend is multi-colored frames. Sometimes a single color isn’t enough. You’ll find sunglasses with a different color on the top than on the bottom, rings of color surrounding the lens, and even tri-colored accents.

The striking color combined with the oversized frames covering almost half of your face brings a dramatic look to your daily wardrobe.


Oversized round frames offer a softer look that’s a little more subtle and not quite as attention-grabbing. These frames offer supreme protection from the sun while providing you with something simple, but still stylish.


Square can still offer a subtle look, just like round frames, but with a hint of something more edgy and out there. It’s artistic and sophisticated. You should definitely include a square pair as part of your accessory collection for days when you feel a bit braver than usual.


Aviator frames are insanely popular and have been for a long time. It’s a traditional, unisex shape that looks good on everyone. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of Ray-Ban aviators. Oversized aviators add to the epic coolness of the otherwise plain, but stylish shape.

Drop Temples

These frames are wildly dramatic. With the arm of the glasses attaching to the frame at the bottom of the lens instead of the top, you’ll find that much of the appeal lies between the eyes and the ears instead of on the front of the face.

Oversize a pair of drop temples, and you’ll soon find that you’re overwhelmed with possibilities for decoration and limitless curves. Frames of any size and shape make a unique statement in this style.


It seems as if tortoiseshell will never go out of style, and honestly, we hope it doesn’t. It’s always been a classic, but adding an oversized element to this classic design adds to their appeal.

Tortoiseshell has a way of softening your look, and they adapt to all other designs and colors, so they go with everything. They make you look impeccable and are a staple of spring and summer eyewear.


Not everyone is a fan of bling on their eyewear, but there’s no denying the trend. They can be edgy and modern or glamorous and ornate. Choose a pair adorned with jewels in a floral design for something a bit more feminine.

Regardless of the style you choose, big is in. The bigger, the better. Choose something a little outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll be surprised at how much you shine.


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