Magnetic Eyelashes?! (Review)

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review for y’all on a pair of magnetic lashes from Nicola Cosmetics. They have two styles on their store one for more natural looks and the other for more dramatic looks. If you’d like to see my thoughts and see more pics, please keep reading!

Images below are taken from Nicola Cosmetic’s website:


Spicy Scarlett (Dramatic Looks)


Beauty Blossom (Natural Looks)

I own the more natural looking ones, as seen above.

I really like how they look on, they are quite natural yet give you a beautiful curl. At first, the lashes were too big for my eyes and I thought that meant I couldn’t use them. However, Nicol (the owner) told me that you can cut the magnetic strips just a tiny bit (leaving 2-3mm) to ensure they fit your eye. I took her advice and the lashes fit perfectly!

In terms of application, of course, it takes time to get used to applying them. After trial and error I found it easiest to apply the top lash first and hold it in place with my fingers and then apply the bottom (smaller bits) with a tweezer. I feel like after you practice wearing these for a few weeks you’ll definitely get the hang of it and it will be much quicker to apply than with normal eyelashes that require eyelash glue.

The magnetic strips are also quite strong so I didn’t have any issue with them flying off my eyes (lol!) which was great. That was a concern of mine beforehand but proved not to be a worry.

I think they’re definitely a fun little piece to own and are quite mess free as well! I love that you don’t need to wait for the glue to dry and then struggle to get all the glue off your lashes afterwards. I would definitely recommend checking out these magnetic lashes and have a go!

Let me know your thoughts on magnetic lashes, do they intrigue you or do they just seem unnecessary?

Amy x



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