Review: Resibo Smoothing Face Serum

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a review on the Resibo Smoothing Face Serum for y’all. If you’d like to know my thoughts please keep reading!

Here’s a little bit about the product:

Smoothing face serum is a small bottle full of concentrated, specially selected natural ingredients of proven skin rejuvenating effects. Stoechiol, a butterfly lavender extract, acts after only 24 hours as a natural botulinum – it relieves muscle tension, prevents facial lines and smoothes the skin. It stimulates the skin to release beta-endorphins, relaxing the skin and reducing existing wrinkles. Thanks to Lakesis – an extract of „crystal tears” collected on Pistacia lentiscus which stimulate production of the so-called „youth protein” – the skin regains its density and it looks fuller and firmer. The serum is perfect for skin with acne and acne scars – marula oil is a strong antioxidant and has regenerating and healing effects. It has anti-wrinkle properties, improves skin tightness and protects it from collagen breakdown. Vegetable squalane contained in our serum has the purpose of preventing moisture loss, it also restores skin tightness and smoothness, visibly reducing wrinkles. The serum is completed by a high quality vitamin C derivate of outstanding durability and effectiveness, which brightens the skin, prevents its discoloration and inhibits sebum oxidation, thus preventing blemishes.

First of all the facial oil came in beautiful packaging and also nicely packaged itself. 

I have used this oil religiously in my skincare routine for about 2 weeks and now can definitely see what it’s done to my skin. My pores seem to be much smaller and smooth, which has helped my makeup application dramatically. I have also noticed that my skin has a sort of glow to it without any makeup on which is lovely. The oil is very hydrating and has a nice scent, I find that my skin is also more plump while I’ve been using this product. 

I would definitely recommend giving this product a go and it is made for all skin types. Oh, and I loved that this serum didn’t break me out at all – I find that sometimes oils or oily serums make me break out but this one didn’t so that is a major plus for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review on this product & let me know your must have serum!

Amy x

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