4 Beauty Tool Essentials

2016-07-28 13.24.08

Hey guys!

Today I’ve got a post on beauty tool essentials. In the post I’ve got 4 tools which I think every gal needs in their kit and if you’re curious to see what they are please keep reading.

1. Tweezers

2016-07-28 13.29.11Tweezers are an essential in any beauty kit, they have multiple uses such as plucking your eyebrows to keep them nice and groomed to applying your false eyelashes! A good quality, sturdy pair is definitely an essential. These ones I have from UBU are of great quality if any of you are unsure of what brand to purchase. I’ve personally used very flimsy ones before and they do not help with making your life easier let me tell you!

2. A nail file

2016-07-28 13.28.59Nail files are another essential in a beauty kit as they help keep our nails nice and round, not sharp and deadly! They’re definitely a no brainer and are great to shape your nails in any shape you desire, such as coffin, square, you name it!

3. A flat foundation brush

2016-07-28 13.28.02

Now this may seem as ‘not an essential’ to some, but I think a flat foundation brush is a must. It can be used traditionally to apply foundation, but personally I don’t really like to use it for that purpose. Instead I use my flat foundation brushes to apply face masks to my face so my hands don’t get all sticky with the product, especially with masks of a thicker consistency. It comes in really handy to have one of these! The flat foundation brush by UBU is great, super soft and firm enough to dispense the product nicely.

4. A kabuki brush

2016-07-28 13.25.18

Kabuki brushes are great for travelling and on the go touch ups, which is why I believe they are an essential. The UBU one picture above, I’ll be honest isn’t the softest brush that I’ve ever felt, contrary to their flat foundation brush, and I have definitely felt softer kabukis.

You can purchase UBU products online or in store – click here to go to their website & see to see stockists (here) if you wish.

Hope you guys liked this post and let me know your beauty tool essential.

Amy x

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  1. Your post and my post could go hand in hand sort of… I swear I just saw your post, I didn’t realize our posts were so similar! Great read though. I’ve never actually used a kabuki brush before. I’ll have to give it a try.


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