Unboxing: Marie Claire The Parcel Autumn Edit 2016

2016-03-09 15.03.10

Hey guys!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done any unboxing so I’m super excited to be doing this one. I’ve been avidly awaiting The Parcel to arrive ever since I signed up a few weeks back. I haven’t had much luck with subscription boxes in the past but after watching heaps of others unbox this one, I thought I’d give it a go! So if you’d like to see what I got then please keep reading!

The cost of a box if you sign up for a seasonal subscription is $25 (which is what I chose).

2016-03-09 15.05.01

First of all we got a mini sample of the Garner Micellar Cleansing water, which I do love and have recently purchased two more bottles. I’m not that excited about it but do think it’s a great product in the box especially if you’ve never tried it before.

I also received a Crop Pure Macadamia Oil which can either be used for hydration or to remove your makeup, which I think it pretty cool as I’ve always been curious to use facial oils to remove my makeup, so I’m excited about this one.

2016-03-09 15.06.24

I received a sample of the Estee Lauder New Dimension Serum which is mainly for anti aging, not really applicable to my skincare needs but still a great product for others.

I also received this beautiful orangey-red lipstick which is super pigmented and creamy with beautiful packaging. Again not as excited since I do have many of a similar shade. See swatch below (it is much more orange on the lips).

2016-03-09 15.09.272016-03-09 15.05.27The last two products received was a MOR soap which does smell super nice but does not interest me in the slightest if I’m perfectly honest. I also received this OPI shade of nail polish which is great, however the colour is one that isn’t very opaque and I often go for the more vivid colours rather than a neutral, again personal preference.

Overall, I am a little disappointed in this box as I think it’s not as great as their past boxes I’ve seen. Although I do think it’s worth the money, I also wish the products were a bit more exciting – none of the products really jump out at me besides the Macadamia Oil. I am still going to keep my subscription with Marie Claire though and hope for a more exciting box next season!

What are your thoughts on this box? Leave a comment down below.

Thanks for reading guys!
Amy x

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      1. Here in Malaysia you mean? It’s not available here… 😛 I think I’m going to ask my bestie to get it for me when she comes back later this year… 😀

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