Review: Natura Siberica Oblepikha Hand Cream, Body Butter & Body Scrub

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Today I’ve got a review on Natura Siberica‘s NEW Oblepikha Hand Cream, Oblepikha Body Butter and Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub. The brand was founded in 2007 and uses traditional recipes that utilise herbs and flowers known to provide health and beauty benefits. Natura Siberica is the first Certified Organic beauty brand based on wild harvested herbs and natural ingredients sourced from the continent of Siberia. They have recently launched in Australia (nation wide) and are available at Chemist Warehouse or online via their website. I am thoroughly impressed with all three of the products I’ve tried from the brand and you definitely get bang for your buck!

2015-10-02 15.02.37

Oblepikha Hand Cream

2015-10-02 14.48.58

It claims:

Gentle daily care will permanently preserve youth and beauty of your hands. The Altai sea buckthorn cream butter and amaranth oil will provide daily nourishing and deep moisturizing for the skin. Cranberry seed oil nourishes the skin with essential vitamins, has a healing effect and perfectly protects the skin from harmful environmental influences.

Price: $14.99 AUD


My hands get extremely dry sometimes especially because I have eczema, so it can get out of hand when I don’t moisturise them well. I often can’t be bothered moisturising my hands if I don’t have a good hand cream so they just keep getting drier and drier to the point where they feel tight and look disgusting. The first thing I love about the Oblepikha Handcream is the packaging; I mean, just look at it, it’s a gorgeous aqua blue with gold on it. It comes with a screw on lid which I find more handy than the ones you clip on as they can come undone in your hand bag sometimes. You get 75mL of product which I think is pretty good especially considering the price. The hand cream itself smells very unique and sweet, the only thing I can describe it as would be those asian jelly cups you get but 10x better. What I like most about the product is that it actually does moisturise my hands very well and absorbs within seconds of rubbing it in, meaning my hands aren’t left feeling sticky. The scent lingers around once it has absorbed which I like so I’m seen just casually smelling my hands sometimes…haha. I haven’t found any cons with this product!

  • Beautiful, secure packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Smells amazing
  • Moisturising
  • Absorbs instantly

Effectiveness: 5/5

Price point: 4/5

Rate: 5/5


Definitely will repurchase and recommend if you are looking for a light weight, moisturising hand cream. It is the best hand cream I have used yet.

Oblepikha Body Butter

2015-10-02 14.50.20

It claims:

Nourishing and moisturizing butter with rich texture that will provide complete care for dry and dehydrated skin of the body. The Altai sea buckthorn oil deeply nourishes, restores and moisturizes. Elfin cedar oil nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids necessary for its nutrition. Siberian rowan berries oil moisturizes the skin, giving it softness and comfort.

Price: $22.99 AUD


I hadn’t ever really been into body butters as the last few ones I used were thick and left my skin feeling sticky and gross. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I used this body butter. The consistency is actually like butter, smooth and silky. It doesn’t actually budge unless you use some force to get it out of the tub. As soon as you rub it on your skin it absorbs quickly and easily, you don’t need to rub it in excessively. It dried after about 30-60 seconds, depending on how much I put on and left my skin feeling extremely moisturised and not sticky or greasy at all; it didn’t stick make my clothes stick to my skin (I hate it when that happens, so this was a massive plus). The scent of the body butter, again is very unique and the closest thing I can describe it to be would be sort of like sour pineapple, note it doesn’t smell unpleasant in the slightest, I personally love how it smells. These products are something you’ve got to smell when you’re in store haha! You also get 300mL for $22.99, which in my opinion is great bang for your buck.

  • Nice consistency
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Easy to apply
  • Does not make your clothes stick to your skin
  • Nice scent
  • Extremely moisturising


This isn’t really a con to me, but if you’re looking for a moisturiser which absorbs fully into your skin after use, body butters aren’t your thing as they do tend to leave a very slight sheen of ‘moisturise’ on your body.

Effectiveness: 5/5

Price point: 4/5

Rate: 5/5

Oblepikha & Honey Body Scrub

2015-10-02 14.50.26

It claims:

Perfectly cleans and refreshes skin, helping to preserve its beauty and youth. The Altai sea buckthorn oil deeply nourishes skin, giving it comfort and softness. Buckwheat honey increases the elasticity and firmness of skin. The organic extract of sage has a general tonic effect, helps to eliminate toxins, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

Price: $19.99 AUD


I found that this body scrub is very gentle on your skin as it has less beads than a body scrub from The Body Shop, this is great for people with sensitive skin. I found that it did exfoliate my skin quite well though and left it feeling super smooth, especially using the body butter after. I really cannot describe the scent of the body scrub, but again it is very unique and the most unique smelling one out of the three I tried. I am pretty sure this is cheaper than the Body Shop and you get 300mL of product for just $20! At first I wasn’t too fond of the smell, but after using it for a second time I quite like it! I can’t really describe the scent of this one, it’s very interesting and you should definitely go smell it!

  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Exfoliates gently
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth
  • Bang for buck


If you want a heavy duty body scrub which really exfoliates everything then this may not be the one for you as it does have less beads than other ones I’ve tried, but if you have sensitive skin this is great for you. I found that the product and packaging combined is not travel friendly as I accidentally knocked it over and left it lying on its side, which lead to the product leaking out even though I left the protective cap on. This shouldn’t be an issue though if you just keep it in your bathroom and do not take it travelling.

  • Not travel friendly
  • Not a heavy duty exfoliator if that’s what you prefer

Effectiveness: 4/5

Price point: 5/5

Rate: 4/5

Check my “About” if you’d like to know details about my age group, skin type, etc which could help you gauge the effectiveness of this product on your own skin.

Hope you guys enjoyed my reviews on some of Natura Siberica’s products and I’d definitely recommend checking these out next time you’re taking a browse around the shops.

By the way, I was wondering if you guys like reviews bunched in a post of product ranges (like this one) or would you prefer if I did a separate post for each product? I’d appreciate your input, thanks!

Amy x

PS. You can click the title of each product above the picture for a direct link to the product on their website.

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