72 Hour Challenge

Hi guys! So from the 5-7th of January, my friends and I decided to try and stay up for 72 hours (no, we aren’t crazy… or maybe we are, hahaha) which was really fun and tiring (duh). I ended up staying up for just over 24 hours and then I fell asleep, in total I was awake for 54/72 hours – which is pretty good I suppose! Here are some pics of the three days:

The first day we decided to go to the beach and sand dunes.

2015-01-05 16.15.38

2015-01-05 15.05.27

2015-01-05 14.39.41 The track(s) we rode on

2015-01-05 16.51.25

Shells washed far from the sea

2015-01-05 16.46.13

Attempted to draw a love heart, haha.

2015-01-05 16.42.03

Me on the sand dunes!

Me on the sand dunes!

2015-01-05 16.58.13 2015-01-05 16.57.472015-01-05 16.55.33

2015-01-05 17.10.30

Found these on the beach already arranged. 😉

2015-01-05 18.58.11

2015-01-05 20.07.43

We stayed to see the sunset but the clouds blocked most of it sadly!

2015-01-05 20.08.37 2015-01-05 20.16.42

Day 2: We basically stayed home and played cards games, went swimming and watched movies (since we were too tired to drive anywhere).

2015-01-06 03.18.55

If you haven’t tried this popcorn, it is to die for!

2015-01-06 04.42.48

Day 3: basically did the same things we did on day 2, except we went out for dessert at night (since everyone had some rest).

2015-01-07 21.07.44

Max Brenner.

At night we hung around in the backyard and played around with glow sticks & sparklers.

2015-01-07 23.09.54

Those three days were so much fun and I’m sure I’ll never forget them! Also I’ve never felt that tired, HAHA!

Have you guys done anything fun recently? Let me know! 🙂

Amy x