Post-Boxing Day Haul

Yesterday I went down to the city to walk around and shop a “little”. A little soon turned into a lot, so I thought I’d make a blog post showing you all what I bought 🙂 – and yes, everything I got was on sale, BONUS!

2014-12-30 11.39.36

Here I got:

Headphones – $10

Acrylic Nails – $3

Covergirl Smoochies – $2.50

Covergirl Serum Primer – $12.50

Covergirl Aquasmooth – $10.60

Covergirl Bombshell Eyeliner – $6

NYC Bronzer – $2.95

2014-12-30 11.39.45

Romper from SES – $13.99

Also we tried a new dessert “Supreme Mango Crushed Ice” at Meet Fresh.

2014-12-29 16.22.54

Leave me some comments telling me what you got at the Boxing Day sales! Also I may do some reviews on the Covergirl products, so stay tuned x

Amy x

Day in the City

So today my friends and I decided to go down to the city and visit Martin Place to pay our respects to the two lost.

2014-12-22 11.35.08-1 2014-12-22 11.35.08 2014-12-22 11.39.38

2014-12-22 11.59.02 2014-12-22 11.41.45

It is truly a tragic event and my deepest condolences are sent to their families – may God bless them. But it is amazing to see the amount of support from the people of Sydney and the #illridewithyou being created.

After we payed our respects at Martin Place, we headed off to have lunch at Sussex Centre (my fav place to eat!)

I always order the same thing every time I go: Chicken Yaki Udon (Spicy), it is delicious and would definitely rate it 5/5! I always look forward to eating that when I go to the city. But today when I visited the lady recognised and remembered me (surprisingly) and she told me they were closing down! Which is so so sad. She asked if I’d like to leave my contact details as they are going to open somewhere else and I gladly did, since this is my favourite place to eat!

2014-12-22 13.08.322014-12-22 13.08.44

2014-12-22 13.27.56

Complementary black sesame icecream (also my fav)

On the way to Sussex, there was a store offering free iced tea, so as people do, we went in to get some. The set up was so cute but the taste… it was, to be frank, disgusting. It tasted like water with some cinnamon!

2014-12-22 12.08.23After lunch, we decided to buy some cream puffs (this shop often has a looong line, but today there was barely a line so we decided to try it – it was my first time having them and they were DELICIOUS).

2014-12-22 13.39.00 2014-12-22 13.39.59

2014-12-22 13.43.00Lastly, we had EasyWay since we were thirsty, but I soon remembered why I stopped buying EasyWay… I ordered a mango frappe with pearls, but it literally came half liquid and tasted like plain sugar. Was not impressed, the only good part was the pearls.

2014-12-22 13.53.53Some Christmas decorations we saw as we walked around the shops and outside:

2014-12-22 14.03.26 2014-12-22 12.29.29 2014-12-22 11.50.40

Ps. Three days until Christmas! Ahhhh, hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x

Afternoon Lunch #3

Today my friends and I decided to have Thai food and went to a place called Thai In A Box (I think.. haha, I forgot to take a photo of the outside of the store) aand here are some photos of what we ate.

2014-12-05 16.21.092014-12-05 16.25.12

2014-12-05 16.21.03 2014-12-05 16.24.32 2014-12-05 16.24.40 2014-12-05 16.55.20

I would probably rate this restaurant a 3/5. There was a customisable menu so my friend and I made our own (the soup ones), mine turned out pretty good except I didn’t know they had tomato and mushrooms in it (haha, so I just took them out), other then that it was pretty good.