Things To Do When Bored

I am currently really bored so I thought I’d make a quick post about what you can do when you’re bored!

1. Look up new hairstyles you can learn/do on YouTube or other websites. This is quite fun to do and widens the variety of hairstyles you’ll be able to do.

2. Practice new makeup looks. This is also fun and entertaining, it also helps time pass.

3. Try on clothes and make new outfits.

4. Reorganise something or clean up the mess you have made (it will be worth it after, trust me!)

5. Be spontaneous; message or call a friend, maybe even plan an outing on the same day!

6. Cook something new/look up new recipes.

7. Go for a walk outside and enjoy the fresh air & warm sun (if it isn’t raining, that is, haha).

8. Read a book/watch a movie!

9. Workout (does pass the time quickly).

10. Stalk my blog and feel free to like/comment and follow 😉 hehe xx

Leave down below anything that I have left out and you think is fun to do when bored 🙂 I could really use some, haha!