Turtleneck Trend?!

Hey everyone! Thought I’d make a post about an increasingly popular trend: turtlenecks! I used to think these were weird and that no one would ever wear them –  but now as I see them styled, they actually look quite cute and very comfy. They also can be worn in winter or summer, dependent on the style!

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How do you guys feel about this trend? I think if styled well, they definitely can be defined as casual or even sophisticated. I would totally rock a turtleneck sweater this upcoming winter, love the cute, cosy look!

Amy x

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Fashion Inspirations (Cooler Places)

Got these photos from pinterest. They are not owned by me – just pictures of fashion I liked. 🙂

Leave a comment down below telling me what your wardrobe essentials are for the cooler seasons!

Amy x

Disclaimer: photos are not owned by me.

Overalls Trend?!

I know this post is a little late, as the overalls trend is continuously growing more popular (and is already popular). I just wanted to know what were/are your thoughts about this trend? I know that when it first came into fashion and I saw someone from my school wearing them, I thought “she looks like a farmer” (no offence intended) and that it was an outdated, 90s style. I had no idea that it would have grown so popular and as time went on and I saw more and more people styling it, I began to like it! Now, I think it is a really cute, simple and fun style. What are your thoughts? Are you all for it or all over it?

Some ways of styling overalls which have emerged, ranging from classy to casual:


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(Photos are not owned by me).

Leave your thoughts and opinions down below! 🙂

Amy x

Disclaimer: photos are not owned by me.