Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! My name is Amy and I’m an ABC (Australian born Chinese). I decided to start blogging as I could use it as a creative outlet to share my thoughts and style, also I loved the idea of keeping a diary (sort of) in which I could look back on, sort of like instagram but with the addition of words. I also thought that it would be a great way to connect with other individuals who have the same passion and interests as me. I blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and everything in between. The first thing I do every morning is check my blog and reply to comments, any of you feel me? Can’t wait for you all to go on this blogging journey with me.

Amy x

My details regarding reviews:

  • Age: Under 21
  • Skin type: combination/oily
  • Skin colour: medium/olive
  • Skin concerns: eczema, sensitive skin
  • Hair: medium/long, straight, dandruff prone, dyed
  • Hands: dry/eczema, weak nails
  • Lips: sensitive, dry




  1. thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I am working on getting an all natural beauty subscription box launched in early 2016, and as you saw I’m moving my blog over to a new blog http://urnaturallysimple.com. I hope you come by and check it out and if at all possible support the blog. I have looked around your blog and you have a great amount of information. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to find you.


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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Jolie Laide! I took a peek at your blog and I love the way it’s organized as well as the content ๐Ÿ˜€ You got yourself a new follower ^^ I just started but I’ll be having more posts to come so if you enjoyed what you read so far I’d appreciate it if you would stop by again ๐Ÿ™‚

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