Simple Ways To Switch Up Your Look

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Do you feel like you’ve lost your sense of adventure when it comes to your style or do you always gravitate towards the same items of clothing when you’re getting ready? When you’re rushing around after kids, or you’re busy at work, it can be difficult to find the time and the energy to devote as much attention as you’d like to your personal style. If you’re worried that you’re stuck in a rut, don’t panic. With these simple tips, you can switch up your look with minimal effort.

Clear out your closet

Be honest. When was the last time you had a proper clothing audit? If you’re guilty of hanging onto tops you’ve not worn for years or pairs of jeans that are threadbare, now is the time to have a proper clearout. Decluttering is hugely cathartic, but it also gives you a chance to see what you’ve got to work with, and where you’d like to make improvements. You might find that you’ve got loads of clothes that are suitable for chilling out around the house or popping to the supermarket, but you’re sadly lacking when it comes to smart tops or casual dresses, for example. Be ruthless, and try not to keep items that you know deep down you’re probably not going to wear again. Once you’ve freed up some space, you can think about modernising your wardrobe and injecting some on-trend items.

Check out the latest trends

Sometimes, when we’re putting outfits together or refreshing our wardrobe, it’s helpful to look for inspiration. When you wander around the shops, you may see items you like, but it’s also a great idea to have a look online at sites like Pinterest and to browse websites from your favourite designers and high street stores. You’ll probably see individual pieces you like, but you can also check out outfits that stylists, celebrities and fashion journalists have put together. You might find that this gives you ideas. Flick through some magazines, see what’s hot now, and embrace the trends you love. The wonderful thing about fashion is that there’s something for everyone. Every season, there’s a range of looks that appear on the catwalk. You may adore some of them, and be nonplussed about others. You can take elements of trends you like, mix and match or steer well clear. The choice is yours.

Create a capsule wardrobe

Many of us don’t have the funds or the time to invest in a completely new wardrobe every season. If this scenario sounds familiar, creating a capsule wardrobe is an excellent idea. The aim of a capsule wardrobe is to use key pieces to form the basis of several different outfits. Once you’ve got your staples, you can add accessories and seasonal pieces to update your look and tick off new trends. Examples of basics you might like to buy include classic slim-fit jeans, cigarette pants and plain maxi skirts and dresses, an LBD, a chic white blouse, well-fitted camis and vests, a tailored blazer, a leather jacket and a mac. This will instantly give you access to a host of outfits that are suitable for work, socialising, and downtime. You can refresh your look with patterned shoes or a printed bag, a coloured coat or a statement skirt. Take the animal print trend, for example. If you’ve got a white blouse and some black cigarette pants, you can add interest with a printed leopard clutch for an evening out or add a pair of patterned brogues for a lunch date.

Experiment with your eyes

Your eye colour is the one thing you can’t change. That is, unless you wear contact lenses. If you’re looking for a simple way to try a new look, have you thought about seeing what you’d look like with blue, green, or brown eyes? Coloured contacts from eContactLenses give you the option to sport a different eye colour and try something new. This is an easy way of temporarily changing your look and it doesn’t matter if you don’t like the end result. You can opt for different shades and then decide which you like best.

Book a hair consultation

When was the last time you tried a new hairstyle or colour? Have you been wanting to try a new cut for a while? Are you worried that a different style won’t suit you? Do you fancy a change of colour? Are you keen on fringes, but too scared to bite the bullet? Often, we see models, friends, or TV stars with hairstyles or highlights we’d love, but we either don’t get around to booking an appointment, or we assume that the same looks won’t suit us. If you’re toying with the idea of trying something new, or you’d like advice about what kinds of cuts or tones would suit you, why not book a consultation? An experienced stylist can provide recommendations based on your face shape, your personal style, and your complexion and skin tone. You don’t have to go ahead and give them free rein to do what they want, but it’s always interesting to see what others think and get some ideas. You can always have a consultation, and then go away and think about what you want to do.

Mix up your makeup

Do you use the same products over and over again? Do you have a go-to look that seems to serve every occasion? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having favourites when it comes to your makeup bag, but sometimes, it’s good to embrace change. You don’t have to go from au naturel to full-blown glamour, but there’s no harm in being a little more adventurous from time to time. If you’ve got a night out planned, for example, why not try a metallic eye or a bold lip? Test out new looks at home and see how you get on. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, all you need to do is wash your face and start again.

Are you worried that you’re hurtling towards a style rut? If so, there are many ways you can switch up your style without spending hours in front of the mirror or splashing out on new outfits every week. Hopefully, this guide has given you some ideas, and you’ll be looking and feeling fab in no time!


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