My Love

It was like you said “babe, follow me and close your eyes” while holding my hands. I trusted you, following you happily. Then you led me to the edge of a cliff and pushed me off without saying anything. But while falling I still waited and had hope you may catch me, like a fool. 


Sorry guys, I haven’t posted for a long time because I am going through a very hard time. Hopefully I will heal soon. 


  1. OH MY GOD!!! Im sorry for the other comment darling that was not meant to be there!!!!!! I hope you can forgive me. I cant delete it either. I truely do hope you heal soon sweetie. And once again sorry for the comment. So silly of me.

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      1. Oh thank you!!! Im so sorry. I didnt notice the post i was commenting on sweetie. I really am sorry. And i do hope you heal soon. I truely do beautiful. Im a message away if ya ever need a chat kay. Again sorry and thank you. Xxx

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