Lacking Inspiration

Hey guys!

Honestly, I’ve been lacking inspiration for the past few months and don’t know what to do! I feel inspired to blog again randomly but then soon after it goes away, probably because less people are interacting with my posts. I know blogging is not about that but it is a little disheartening since it seems like my posts are not being enjoyed widely anymore. Anyway, I wanted to ask y’all what type of posts you’d like to see from me and hopefully I can deliver! Looking back on my old posts makes me miss blogging more often and I also miss doing more lifestyle posts (however I will be posting a food post soon about my adventures in Sydney!).

Anyway I’d appreciate any feedback and hope y’all stick around!

Amy x

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  1. Don’t lose hope. I feel like even with my blog I have not gotten inspired to write anything only because I’ve been busy with school. I know when it’s summer when I’m free I will be back at it. Keep posting!!!

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  2. Hey there – I can totally relate to you. Inspiration comes to me in short bursts and then I just end up watching Netflix instead of blogging.
    I like reading your “chatty” style posts like the one where you just spoke about uni 🙂 That was a nice read.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you don’t feel like writing, just read instead.

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  3. Hello I just wanted to say I feel exactly like you do. I want to blog faithfully everyday or at least every other day but like you I am discouraged. For the last month I have really been reading a lot on Pinterest and I have found somethings that have got me on a roll again. LOL Have you tried Pinterest?


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