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Hey guys!

Today I thought I’d do a post that I haven’t ever done before – a “new releases” post (note, not all are new releases but if they are I will state so). I love being informed about all the new releases especially in the makeup & skincare world and figured some of you would enjoy this too. If you’d like to see some new releases and my reviews on them, please keep reading.

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First of all these two Physician Formula products have just hit the shelves.

Combat Dark Circles & Puffiness! Lightweight and ultra-blendable formula brightens and smoothes the eye area instantly!

To start of with, the Youthful Wear Dark Circles Corrector is great. I love the practical packaging and the fact that it even has a yellow under eye corrector along with the light concealer, it’s perfect for under your eyes. The applicator is a metal ball which feels really soothing and cool on your under eyes while you apply the product which is nice. I found the coverage to be medium (I do not have very bad eye bags) which is all I need, and I found that it brightened up my under eye area quite well. Definitely a great 2 in 1 product from Physician’s Formula and definitely worth trying it out.

Perfecting “no makeup” blush delivers a complexion-boosting, lit-from-within blushing glow for a fresh and beautiful bare skineffect.

Secondly, how cute is the packaging of this Nude Wear Glowing Blush? Seriously, Physician’s Formula brings out products with some of the best packaging in the drugstore. I don’t often wear blush, and if I do I like it to be subtle. This product was perfect for that, the pigmentation is quite light which I personally prefer as you can build up the colour. I have swatched the four colours below (although I do apologise for the shadow on half of my hand which does make it harder to see), in which you can see they aren’t that bold which is great for blush. They are a gorgeous, nudey pink colour and the best part about this blush is that you can mix and match the colours to create the perfect shade for you.2016-03-09 15.09.11 These products are available at Priceline, the under eye corrected being $24.95 and the blush being $21.95.


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For the woman who wants it all, say hello to The Universalist. This magic color stick for eyes, cheeks and lips will take your entire look from drab to fab in seconds. The creamy formula has a satiny smooth, weightless texture – free from all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum. So, there’s no heavy, greasy film and no creasing.

This is the first product I’ve tried the W3LL People brand and it’s their Universal Multi-stick for Eyes, Lips and Cheeks. 

First of all, the packaging of this product is super nice, it’s got a matte feel to it. The actual colour of the product is beautiful as well (see swatch below). I’ve only tried this on my lips and cheeks; on my lips I found it was a pretty, nude shade that lasted well unless you eat/drink, if so it is transferrable. I’d also recommend wearing it with a lip liner because without one it does bleed (like all lipsticks, I find) and applying it with a lip brush. My favourite use for this product as on the cheeks – it created a ‘glowing from within’ look and added a beautiful flush of colour to my cheeks. I particularly like this colour for Autumn and Winter, as it’s a more cool colour. It comes with quite a lot of product so I won’t be running out of it any time soon, definitely worth picking up if you love this type of colour & cream blushes. This product is all natural too which is great.

This product is available on RY (click here) for $49.95.

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Moving on to skin care. These A’kin products are in fact new and have just recently hit the shelves.

Tone, soothe and refresh skin with the help of A’kin Refreshing & Soothing Natural Face Toner. Enriched with combinations of the pure active botanics of Witch Hazel and Orange Blossom, the A’kin natural facial toner removes the last traces of excess oils and makeup to leave skin feeling rebalanced, refreshed, toned and hydrated. Use daily as part of your natural skincare routine to prepare your skin for the rest of your skincare regime.

I really like the A’kin Refreshing & Soothing Toner as it is exactly what the title – tones and soothes your face. I scent itself is of tea and I love it, it is really refreshing. I found the toner leaving my face feeling refreshed and clean after use while effectively removing all the dirt off my face. I typically use the toner on two pads while toning my face to ensure all the dirt is removed.

Light rapidly absorbed oil from the seeds of rosa canina species of rose. The rich goodness of these seeds is drawn by a super-critical process, using extremely low temperatures for extraction, allowing the oil to retain its optimal form for purity & effect.
The A’kin Rosehip Oil is also a new release and a great rosehip oil. It comes with a dropper for application, making it easy to use. The product itself is easy to use under moisturiser and after a few days I noticed my face feeling extra soft and nourished. I like that it is affordable and comes with a decent amount of product, a great one to try out if you’re after a new rosehip oil or wanting to try one.
A’kin is available in Priceline – the Rosehip Oil costs $19.99 (the toner is not on the website but I have seen it in stores).

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These new releases are super exciting as not only the products, but the brand itself is new to Australia! The brand is called Mia Hoyto and originates in Finland, they use all organic ingredients in their skincare which means no harsh chemicals. I have tired out their serum, moisturiser and facial cleanser.

Offering calming antioxidant therapy, the lush Mia Höytö Lempeä Uni Intense Repair Skin Therapy Multivitamin Oil Serum wakes your skin up and brightens skin tone. It is a multivitamin serum that prevents the signs of ageing with intense cell protection.

Vitamins A,B, C and E are at the heart of this beautifying oil serum. A combination of bioactive ingredients regenerates the skin and improves the elasticity resulting in a soft, deeply hydrated and smooth complexion.

The packaging of the serum comes in a sturdy bottle with a pump which can be turned to lock it, again great for on the go. The serum has a nice revitalising scent (not sure how else to describe it!). After using their serum for about a week, I  noticed my face  appeared brighter, seemed more healthy and my skin tone was more even. It didn’t cause me to break out which can be a concern at times. I found my face felt soft, supple and extremely hydrated after using this serum under their moisturiser.

Mia Höytö Ihana Moisturising Cream combines sea buckthorn seed oil, one of the most valuable oils in the planet because is the very best at hydrating, soothing and regenerating skin with berry seed oils, which are full of vitamins. It also contains organic cornflower water, which contains tannins to purify the skin. Cornflower water also builds up microcirculation which helps the tissues to dispose toxins.

Organic sunflower seed oil nourishes the skin and helps the cell exchange. It contains vitamin E, which is a perfect antioxidant. Organic almond oil moisturises the skin and it is a perfect skin softener. Organic aloe vera extract is used because of its hydrating and calming effects, while organic oat extract soothes and regenerates the skin. Ihana Moisturising Cream is a combination of these lovely ingredients and it brings luxury to your daily skincare moments.

Their moisturising cream is a heavy moisturiser which doesn’t feel that heavy on your face. I like that it didn’t leave my face feeling sticky after use but left my face feeling super hydrated. Again, this product has a very fresh, organic scent which is refreshing – it is quite herbal like but did not irritate my skin whatsoever.

The skin needs to be fresh to look and feel beautiful. Mia Höytö Kaunis Facial Cleansing Gel is a gentle cleanser, that removes all of the day’s impurities and traces of makeup. Because it is gentle, it leaves your skin hydrated and ready for the moisturiser you decide to use.

It does not matter what kind of makeup you use, because Kaunis Facial Cleansing gel cleanses it all away and leaves skin with a light feeling.

Their cleansing gel comes in nice squeezy tube, again great for travel but this also means you need to be a bit more careful while dispensing the product so you get the right amount out. The gel is clear and lathers nicely. It made my face feel fresh and clean after use.

These Mia Hoyto products are available of Natural Supply Co (click here) – they have other great products available too.


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The packaging of this Nails Inc Kale Superfood Base Coat is beyond me. It feels super luxurious and heavy when held and is just super aesthetic. Ever since I wore fake nails and failed to remove them properly, my nails have felt the toll. They have been cracked and super weak for the past  6 months now and are finally beginning to recover, thus I need all the help I can get from products like this. I love that this product is actually a base coat and not only protects your nails but nourishes it as well. After using this base coat for a few weeks, I did find my nails to feel stronger and cracked less (note, I didn’t wear any polish on top of it). I have tried the Sally Hansen Diamond Nails polish in hope that it’d do a similar thing, but for some reason that one made my nails worse – I found that when the polish peeled off it took the fine top layer of my nail with it. That didn’t happen with this superfood base coat and would definitely recommend it if your nails are weak and need nourishing and strengthening, I love that this can be used as a base coat as well.
This superfood base coat is available on RY (click here) for $27. This may seem expensive but definitely worth the investment if your nails are in need of extreme nourishment.

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Gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes. Eliminates impurities and excess sebum.
Rinse with water.


  • Its gentle, soap-free cleansing base tightens pores.
  • Glutamic acid rebalances sebum production
  • Moisturizing agents restore the skin’s suppleness.
  • Rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, it contains soothing and anti-irritating properties.

In days, the skin’s balance is restored.  Skin is clean and radiant once again.

This is a new release from Avene and it’s their Mousse Cleansing Foam which is part of their Essential Care Collection. The packaging is nice and comes with a pump for easy use and it is great for travel as it comes with a lid. While using this I found it to feel super calming on my skin and gentle; after use it made my face feel nice and clean.  This is perfect for if you have sensitive skin, or any skin type to be honest. I found that it didn’t dry out my skin whatsoever which was great, it also lathered very nicely.

This cleansing foam is available for $29.95 around pharmacies nationally.

There we have it – hope you guys enjoyed this new releases/haul post and let me know products you’ve been loving recently!

Amy x

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