Hey guys!

It’s been AGES since I’ve done a more personal, lifestyle post just updating you all on my life (if you guys are even interested…haha), so I thought I’d do one today! I’ve just started university and have been going for about a month now. I am studying a double degree of commerce and law – which was my goal throughout the high school years and one that I thought I’d never be able to achieve.

Anyway, I feel so blessed that I actually was able to get into those degrees and am now studying it. Although law is a HUGE handful and quite challenging I’m still managing… at the moment haha. We currently have this case briefing assignment which is quite confusing so hopefully I’ll be able to get through it and do it well.

All my subjects have group work, which, to be honest I really dislike. I don’t know I’m sort of like a “perfectionist”, well to be honest more of a “worrier” that the work I’m contributing is done wrong, haha. And I also am more of an introvert and yeah, would typically prefer being on my own than with others that I don’t know too well. Thus, going to uni and making new friends was definitely a part I dreaded the most but it turned out okay and I was able to make friends in 3/4 of my class and they’re all super nice! In one of the classes, which not only the subject is boring, but also the lecturer (he has a monotone and mumbles…) I sort of made friends but I get the vibe that they’re kind of “cold” so I don’t enjoy that one that much, and one of the girls looks like my aunty… haha – NB: that is not an insult to my aunty.

Anyway, none of my close friends from high school are going to the same uni as me, only one girl but she’s doing a completely different course to me and it’s kind of awkward if we speak for too long. HOWEVER! On my orientation day I was reluctant to go since I had no one to go with and my boyfriend who said he’d go with me found out his uni started a bit earlier than everyone else’s and as a result had to go to uni that day. In the end I decided I’d go and enrol in this ‘mentorship’ program so at least I’d be with a group and walking around the uni.
At the start of the program we were in this hall and sitting in rows in our groups. The row of my group was full so I awkwardly sat in the row behind (in another groups row…), as time went on other people came and our mentor told them to sit on the row next to mine, as you can imagine this made it even more awkward since I wasn’t even with my group (in the end the mentor completely forgot I was even there hahah). I looked around and everyone seemed to have friends and were socialising, I was like meh, okay… -_-. Anyway, I decided to move into the row next to time as there was a spare space on the end and attempted to talk to the girl next to me but she wasn’t really interested since she had her friend, from I presume high school and they seemed quite close.
Skipping along we separated into our mentor groups and began having our tour around the campus. I met a nice girl called Jenny and she seemed sweet, so we talked throughout the day, however we didn’t have any classes together. BUT,  I also met another girl called Esther and who would’ve known we’re like super close friends now and it’s only been a month – haha! I have never clicked with someone so fast before and we have so much in common, it’s really awesome – I never, ever thought I’d meet and click with someone so well from uni and so soon. It turned out that we had 3/4 of out lectures together (sadly no tutorials) so we do get to see each other often. Anyway it’s so awesome to be this close to someone already and it makes uni so much more fun.

I find uni requires you to do sooo much work at home, but I guess that’s what you get for going less days in the week. It’s basically like school but you’re teaching yourself at home, in my opinion. It’s quite tiring and I do procrastinate a lot – hahahaha, except I do have all my tests and assessments coming up in the next few weeks (ugh).

I’ve also learnt that transport fees are CRAZYYY and I sure do miss the free bus pass we got in high school. I swear my OPAL card gets topped up every single week, ugh! Also food is super expensive at uni but I’m really glad they have a kebab store on campus, hehehe.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed my little ramble and thoughts about uni and hope you’ve all been well! Let me know how you guys find uni and what you’re studying if you do go to uni/tafe.

Amy x

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  1. Ooh Uni! It does feel a bit like starting school all over again right?
    I wouldn’t worry about being “nigil” no one really notices and I guess ultimately everyone is at Uni to get their degree right? but at least you clicked with one of the girls straight away. I’m guessing the more classes and group work you get will give you more opportunities to make new friends.
    It takes me a really long time to make friends in a educational or work setting usually just because I want to be left alone.
    Good to see you back 🙂


    1. Yeah it totally does hahhaha! Feels like year 7 all over again since I didn’t know my way around campus or how Uni worked ultimately haha. Yeah, that’s true and I’ve actually met really nice girls in 3 of my classes and we’re in the groups together which is great, hehe. Lol I agree with you but I thought hey, guess I should make friends since I’m going to be there for another 5 years and it’d be a bit boring to be alone all that while.
      Thanks for reading! xxxx


  2. Uni can be so stressful, but also very fun. It took me a solid year to find a few group of friends that I could rely on, I actually found it a lot harder to meet people than in high school where I made friends all the time. Everyones changing and constantly moving around so it can be hard, but I find going to social events or just saying hi in class can lead to unlikely friends 🙂 Good luck!


    1. Ahhh yeah, I’m already feeling the stress and it’s only been a month (oh gosh). I know right, I feel like I’m going to make new friends every semester since the classes do change and it’s unlikely that the same people will be in my classes, unless it’s coordinated haha.
      Thank youuuu! xxx


  3. Congratulations on such good enrolment programs! Sounds like a handful but it’ll be rewarding in the end. What country are you studying in?! In Canada, we can only take law after an undergrad!

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