MASSIVE Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics HAUL!

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to be doing my Priceline 40% off Cosmetics Haul. I’ve been waiting for this and holding off on buying heaps of products, so I did go a bit crazy at the sale! I also counted this as a sort of ‘reward’ since I got an early offer into the university I wanted! If you’d like to see what I got please keep reading.

I’ll start with the Australis products I bought:

2015-11-20 13.07.10

I decided to pick up the AC ON TOUR Kit in “Light” – I’m not sure if the shades will be dark enough for my complexion but I really wanted to try out the banana shade in it as well as the highlighters. I knew if I bought medium I wouldn’t get as much use out of it.

I repurchased the Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz because I really like it and it smells amazing.

I bought another Velourlip in Mel-Burn (black) just because…

I also purchased two Australis Metallix Eyeshadows as I wanted to give them a go.

2015-11-20 13.06.08

I picked up two items from Models Prefer: the Soft Touch Mineral Powder in “Glow 1” and the main item I wanted to get the Mineral Powder in “Luminous Glow”.

I went a bit haywire at the Essence and Savvy stands.

2015-11-20 13.12.20

I picked up two more Essence Lip Liners in “11 In the Nude” and “07 Cute in Pink”.

2015-11-20 13.10.38

I picked up four of their lipsticks and three of their glosses.

2015-11-20 13.11.45

2015-11-20 13.05.22

I’ve always wanted to try their Gel polishes so thought this was the perfect time to give them a go. I plan on trying one and seeing if it’s good and if not I’ll be returning the rest.

2015-11-20 13.06.25

I picked up their Sun Club Bronzer, their Quattro Eyeshadow and Matt Touch Blush.

2015-11-20 13.11.11

Lastly I picked up these shades of lipstick from Savvy.

I am super stoked with everything I got and can’t wait to give them all a go! I was able to get everything off my wishlist and you guys can definitely be expecting some reviews!

Let me know in the comments what you bought at the Priceline sale.

Amy x

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