Review: Real-U Australia Gentle Foaming Face Wash, Face Gel Serum and Lite Moisturiser

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Today I’ve got a review on Real-U‘s Gentle Foaming Face Wash, Face Gel Serum and Lite Moisturiser. They are a three step mechanism to be used in your skincare routine.

2015-09-16 17_Fotor

A little blurb on Real-U:

Firstly Yay!

Our hypo-allergenic formula (30 years in the making) helps your skin calm down.

No nasties like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to irritate your skin.

No stripping or burning we all know that doesn’t work.

Suitable for all skin types.

Gentle on your skin.


It’s awesome that they’re an Australian brand, as I, myself am an Aussie. Another pro is that their products do not contain any benzoyl peroxide which some people’s skin reacts to, such as my sisters and it’s not pretty! Anyway, onto the reviews (click on the product names below for a direct link to the site).

Gentle Foaming Face Wash

2015-09-16 17_Fotor223

1. Foaming Face Wash

Price: $15


This would have to be my favourite one out of the three. It comes out as a clear gel and as you rub it between your hands it becomes a foam, super cool! The scent, like all the others is slightly soapy which doesn’t bother me much but I do prefer nicely scented ones, however this is a standard scent for most face washes. I found that the face wash helped minimise the amount of breakouts I had which is awesome and that it left my face feeling nice and clean. A small bit also goes a long way!

  • Minimised breakouts
  • Cleaned my face thoroughly
  • A little amount goes a long way
  • Nice consistency


It could have a nicer scent, however it is not unbearable or unpleasant.

  • Could have a nicer scent

Rate: 3/5

Face Gel Serum

2015-09-16 17_Fotor2

2. Face Gel

Price: $50 (for 100mL), $30 (for 50mL), $5 (for 10mL)

Unfortunately I found that my skin didn’t agree with this product and if anything found it caused a few breakouts, which is strange, as I know others who have used it loved it. This product stung my skin and as a result I wasn’t able to test it out properly, hence the short review. I would not rely on what I’m saying though as I have read other great reviews on this gel who would have tested it out properly. I did let my sister use this product too and she had no stinging sensation. As stated above a pro is that it doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, thus my sister was able to use it without her face having a reaction.


  • Does not contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid


  • Did not work for my skin

Rate: N/A – was not able to test it thoroughly.

Lite Moisturiser

2015-09-16 17_Fotor copy

3. Lite Moisturiser

Price: $20


This is a heavy duty moisturiser, so if you don’t like the heavy, sticky feeling on your face at all maybe don’t try this one. However, it only remains sticky for the first hour and then feels 95% stick free which is good. I found that it left my face feeling extremely moisturised and my skin did not feel tight at all.

  • Moisturising
  • Skin did not feel tight at all


Again, the scent could be better; it is also a watered down soapy scent, similar to the face wash. I also personally prefer moisturisers that don’t feel heavy on your face, but it did do a great job moisturising so that must be taken into account. This is my personal preference, so if you don’t mind heavier moisturisers it would be great for you – I tend to use this more at night over using it during the day.

  • Could have a better scent
  • Heavy
  • A little sticky

Rate: 1.5/5

I hope you guys enjoyed my reviews on Real-U’s products if you’re interested in seeing what else they have I’ll have their links below.

Amy x

PS. Guys I feel like I really stepped up my umm, photo/picture game here! Hahaha, I’m super proud how the photos turned out.

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*A big thanks to Ebony for sending me these products to try out – all opinions are still my own.


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