Lust Have It! Customer Service Review – My TERRIBLE Lust Have It! Experience


Hi guys!

Today I decided to do a little rant post/review about Lust Have It’s customer service. which is an Australian beauty subscription box. I find their customer service to be appalling and their company dishonest. I have received two of their bags and was thoroughly not impressed as you’ll soon see why. I decided to make this post so others will just be wary if they decide to sign up and to vent my frustration (haha).

* Scroll down to the bottom if you just want an overview because it’s gonna be a long rant! *

1. The first bag I received appeared to be pretty good, I liked it at first glance. However, I was on their Facebook page looking at updates when I came across an immense amount of comments saying the avocado oil was expired. I checked mine and it sure enough had been expired for a few months. As you know, skincare is one of the things you’d like to keep an eye on in relation to the expiry dates as it goes on your face. So I contacted the company as many others did and got a “copy and pasted” reply saying that the oil is fine to use, which I definitely did NOT believe; products have an expiration date for a reason.

2. The first bag I signed up to receive was the January bag which I got on the 17th of FEBRUARY, definitely not impressive. Hence, I tried to cancel my subscription but they said I wasn’t allowed to since it was ‘passed the due date’ which is fair enough, except the boxes were sent out after that date, so I had no idea whether I’d like it or not and was essentially forced to pay for another months box after being unimpressed by the first one. I also saw others complaining on their Facebook page saying that payments were being taken out of their accounts still even after they had expired and the only way to stop this was to disable the ‘recurring payments’ via Paypal. So I thought that they’d get back on track by the next month but I was wrong… I received the February bag half way during March, ugh, so much for a “monthly” subscription box. They had little to no communication with all their customers and continuously said “we will be sending the bags out next week” in which they didn’t.

3. In the second bag (February) I received, I didn’t even get a pink mesh bag like everyone else did, it just came in a box which was not appreciated by myself and a few unfortunate others as it was received half way through March and I’d thought I’d at least get the whole package. Furthermore, a product was missing from my box that was meant to be received (I knew this because it said on the card). That’s not it, they sent out foundations (in which I got the wrong shade, but that’s not the point), however the pump of my foundation was broken on the inside and the product was basically unusable. The face primer spray I received in the box also smelt like rotten chemicals so I had to throw it out. The overall quality of products were terrible.

4. So I contacted Lust Have It! as I wanted to receive the pink mesh bag at least as I had no use for any of the products. They said they would send me one when they got them back in stock and I was fine with that. Three months later I still had no word from them so I messaged them again, they said it STILL wasn’t in stock. Two months later I saw other bloggers doing reviews on the bags they had received and they had the mesh bags. I checked my email, still no mail from them. I had to contact them yet again and ask for the mesh bag that they clearly had back in stock. They just ignored my messages. I had had enough at this point and contacted Paypal to fill out an ‘unfilled order’ form (you may think this is an overreaction but I was sick of their service and lies). Only then they replied to me and took another two weeks to send me out a bag. The point I’m trying to make here is that they are a dishonest, untrustworthy business who do not keep their words.

Here is an overview as I’m sure you all didn’t want to read my massive rant haha:

  • The bags were sent out half way through the next month e.g. the January bag was received on the 17th February. This continued to occur.
  • Payments were still being taken out after cancellation
  • LHI staff were ignoring customers and refused to give any reasonable responses
  • Expired products were sent out
  • Low quality products
  • Products were missing from my bags (more than one)
  • Products came broken
  • LHI refusing to send out missing products until further action was taken and Paypal stepped in

This was all from just TWO months of being subscribed to them, I cannot imagine the amount of headaches I would have got if I remained subscribed! I definitely do not recommend subscribing or supporting this company as they are dishonest and very dodgy, please be aware and careful if you still decide to subscribe to them!

I am sorry for such a negative post but hey, I just wanted to share my experience and it just happened to be one with no positives. Have a great day guys!

Amy x

PS. Should have been writing my essay instead of this long as rant HAHAHA! It has the same amount of words as an essay too…uhhh.

PPS. The sad thing is, I didn’t make any of these things up.

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  1. The subscription boxes in Manila tend to be redundant at times. Some brands appear on subscription box #1, then will appear on subscription box #2 in two months. Not sure if this also happens elsewhere, but it sucks if you subscribe to both sub box brands. It’s one of the reasons why I haven’t made the commitment yet. I feel like the brand diversity here is lacking.

    Expired items? Inexcusable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaa yeah, that happens here too, I’ve heard many bloggers complaining about the same brand being in all the bags which can get annoying as you want to try out new things. I know right, I have no idea why they thought it’d be ok to send expired items out! Especially skincare.


  2. Ugh! I’m sorry you had to experience this. Don’t apologize for the “rant,” Girlfriend. Your information is surely helpful to readers! It’s important to share the good and the bad so that your followers may be informed consumers. Thank you and best wishes in future! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yeah they are so dishonest and a dodgy company :(, I had to vent my frustration… hahaha. I’m glad you don’t think I’m being a negative nancy as I really did just want others to be aware of their practices. Have a lovely day/night! xx


  3. I feel these beauty boxes are such a waste of money sometimes.Its a hit or a miss for me.Some months I love the boxes and some other months I feel I have thrown away my money and would have definitely got something better in the same amount and for the products of my choice! I am so confused about his concept 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I share the same opinion, they are definitely hit and miss. The reason why I think they’re so popular because it’s like Christmas every month at your door step and is exciting ahahah; but if weighed up it’s often not worth it as you could spend that money on makeup you actually want. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ahhh I’ve been thinking about what monthly beauty box to get and not Lust Have It is definitely off my list!! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear Boxycharm is a really great one; they include full size products on like 90% of the items! I’m thinking of giving that one a try 🙂 thanks for replying! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ahhh that sounds good and I’ve heard it’s popular in the US, unfortunately us Aussies can’t access it 😥 I would’ve loved to try IPSY too but it doesn’t ship here ><. Of course, no problem! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah their service was horrific :(. Subscription boxes are definitely like a lucky dip, you win some you lose some I guess ><. Bahahahha I had to vent out my anger somewhere and thought it may help others when making the decision whether to join up or not… 😉
      ❤ xxx


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