The Boyfriend Tag!

Hi guys!

Today I decided to do a tag since it’s been ages since my last one. I asked my boyfriend, Daniel if he’d like to do the boyfriend tag and he was more than happy to which was cute haha. In case you don’t know what this is, it is just a set of questions that your boyfriend answers about you (you’ll see below).

2015-09-05 08.27.51

A little blurb on Daniel (the featured image of this post is a summary of him pretty much):

After the many years I have got to know him I have discovered his hidden, shocking talent. You would have never picked it, but he can sleep anywhere, anytime, ANY POSITION. It’s pretty hilarious. For example, he has slept at the typical places; at school, on the bus/train and at parks. However, there are other unusual places consisting of: on the silver benches at school during lunch time (just casually…), sleeping sitting up right at the library, sleeping sitting up right on a sofa, sleeping STANDING up right (well leaning on my shoulder) on a boat (on our third year anniversary…). Those are just some strange examples and I have photos of them all (LOL). Lastly, a few weeks ago we were going to our friend’s Visual Arts exhibition so they came over to my house first. Within the first 2 minutes Daniel went on my bed and fell straight asleep – we made so much noise and he still didn’t even wake up HAHAHA what a talent. Apart from that, he is really sweet and caring but sometimes has PMS. We fight way too much but are still together so that must mean something!

Anyway on to the questions!

Note: his answers are in the normal font and my comment on his answer is in the italic. 

The Questions:

1. Where did we meet

Food technology – school class
2. Where was our first date?
3. What was your first impression of me?
Amy thought I was weird 😦
Just another girl who I’ll be friends with
That’s true hahahah I did think he was weird (and still do LOL jk). 
4. When did you meet the family?
Your mum – she took me home from train station
Dad – idk
5. Do I have any weird obsessions, if so – what?
Excluding girl stuff (e.g. Make up, clothes etc the norm) umm feeling my arm
His arm is soooo soft like legit velvet!
6. How long have we been together?
3 years 2 month
True soo long.
7. Do you have a tradition with your gf/bf?
Not that I can think of
8. What was our first roadtrip?
Fishing? Otherwise never had one yet
Yeah I only got my Ps this year and he is only on his Ls
9. What was the first thing you noticed about me?
Quiet and shy.
10. What is my favorite restaurant?
Hogs breath
LOVE IT – when are we going next? 😹
11. What do we argue about the most?
Who I hang out with and who my friends are (my bffl is a girl FYI), someone in a bad mood
Omg there was this photo like in the boyfriends perspective of “when she’s mad, I apologise and when I’m mad and she gets mad, I apologise”. The world sure is cruel to us.
How much clothes and make up she buys.
Sometimes jealousy??
Hahahaha pleasee, I am not obsessed but he does talk to more girls than guys ON PURPOSE I swear!
LOL, that photo was hilarious because it’s sooo true, ain’t it girls? I tried to find that exact meme but unfortunately couldn’t. 
True to the last two as well, I don’t think I buy that much clothes and makeup though ;)!
12. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Dw. Not abusing my power of telling her to make me a sandwich…. Except once :’) she made me a sandwich when I was sick :’)
Disagree… I think it’s equal. HAHAHA I always make him sandwiches though because he’s so lazy.
13. If I am watching tv what am I watching?
Masterchef, The Bachelor, MKR
Yay, he got them all. 
14. What is one food I do not like?
Meat dishes (too many to consider).
True that, I think I was born to be a vegetarian; I only eat chicken specifically cooked in certain ways, annoying I know, but I can’t help it!
15. What drink do I order when we go out to eat?
Yup, gotta save the $ and also it’s the healthiest option hahah.
16. What size shoe do I wear?
Privacy :/ she’ll brutally murder me
I hate people knowing my shoe size because I’ve got big feet… and no I wouldn’t “brutally  murder” him -_-. I didn’t even tell him my shoe size, I think he looked at my shoe or something sneaky like that…
17. What is my favorite kind of sandwich?
Turkey cheese toastie
Yessss but he forgot the tomato sauce!
18. What is one talent I have?
Whining, crying, making me feel bad
………………. I beg to differ.
19. What would I eat everyday if I could?
Hawaiian Pizza
YES! Pizza is life.
20. What is my favorite cereal?
Kellogg’s cornflakes
Yup, I don’t really eat cereal but I love cornflakes.
21. What is my favorite music?
Usher, Nicki Minaj, Iggy
I’m shocked he said Usher, haha I do like his music but he’s not a favourite. I do love Nicki Minaj and Iggy as he said but also Taylor Swift and Katy Perry!
22. What is my favorite sports team?
Doesn’t have one
I don’t even watch sport, it’s booring to me.
23. What is my eye colour?
I wish, to me it’s just dark brown haha.
24. Who is my best friend?
Jessica, Brian
Yessss, and Vanessa! 
25. What is something you do that I wish you didn’t?
I’m too perfect
HAHAH arrogant bum.
26. Where am I from?
27. What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?
Yup, that’s my fav along with ice-cream cake, although you can’t really bake that hahahaha!
28. Do I play any sports?
No. Ex-netball player
And volleyball and softball… (hated softball). 
29. What can I spend hours doing?
Gaming, checking yourself out, playing with make up, sleeping, raging, thinking about life- what to eat, wear, sleep
LOL “sleeping, raging” HAHAHHAHAA, that cracked me up. Interesting perspective HAHA.
30. If I could live anywhere, where would it be?
England? And Mexico
Yup, probably England! Mexico is an inside joke -_-. 


Here’s a pic from our 3rd anniversary date, and no we didn’t match on purpose… haha it was kinda embarrassing! But isn’t he so handsome ;).

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tag and hope you all have a great week!

Amy x

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  1. awww this is so cute. don’t be jealous, gurllll youre beautiful!! I used to be a crazy jealous psycho bitch as well but then I actually met my bf’s ex and found out she’s all unemployed and an alcoholic! i was like what, were you freaking desperate or something? lol and then he was like “we met during the summer break and then she went back home to her home country in europe and i went there during my holiday, we had long distance for 5 months. i had no idea she was a big drinker. so i went there and saw that and i was like ewww so i ended it”
    Ever since then I had no jealousy what so ever. If I actually get jealous over a person like that, then I’ll be the one that’s psycho! hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

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